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About Us

Tritan Ventures, Inc. was incorporated in 1994 as YHK Company, Inc. as a trading company primarily interested in the production and / or distribution of cosmetic products for both the local and export markets. It then spent the next few years in pre-operational mode, developing its products and its market.

In the year 2002, the company amended its Articles of Incorporation to change its name to Tritan Ventures, Inc. The corporation’s new name was meant to signify the new focus of its board and shareholders to enter into new enterprises such as investment, general trading and property development.

While its head office is currently based in the centrally-located municipality of San Juan, the crown jewel of Tritan is the new Corporate Headquarters, the 10-storey Tritan Plaza. Strategically located in the brand new Paseo de Magallanes development, right in the heart of Metro Manila’s business district, Tritan Plaza will give the corporation the facilities and space it needs in order to expand and proceed in its planned business ventures.